This is your chance to give back to the people who been protecting you so you and your company can enjoy the simple things in life we all take for granted. I want to give Corporate America a way to advertise with Air Force Golf. The CEO's and other corporate officers can now have the opportunity to be on a televised event and to be a part of this revolutionary new sport!

This is our proposal: Hypothetically speaking, lets take a company like Ford Motor Company, they will sponsor an event in there hometown. They can invite musicians, politicians, sports players, actors, and any other famous people to their event (along with the CEO's and friends that will be in the event.) The money raised at these events will go to there local chapter of disabled veterans. There name will go on all our products from the event and given to the veterans so they will know the good that has been done by the sponsor of the event.

This will be our way for companies around the United States to 'adopted' their own local chapters of disabled veterans and sponsor a event. Any company that would like to advertise on this website or might be interested in being involved in future events, please contact an Air Force Golf representative for more details. 

Also at this time, the international rights for the Golf Ball Launcher are for sale. Air Force Golf will be keeping the rights to the USA, Canada, Mexico and the Islands.  If you are a serious bidder for international rights, and would like more information please contact us today.