There are over 16,000 golf courses in the United States and yes not all of them will ever let us play on their courses. However, we do not care, just let us play on a few thousand courses to start and the sport will grow from there. Those will be the courses that will reap the benefits of having players on there course which in turn will increase revenue and traffic. Another added benefit to the Golf Ball Launcher is there will be no divots created from swinging a club, and a faster paced round of golf.

This new sport can be compared to snow boarding just a few years ago. When ski resorts did not even allow them on their slopes. Little by little, more and more resorts excepted snow boarding, and now it's a olympic sport.  Which in turn saved a lot of ski slopes from closing up.            

We want to ask the owners of these golf courses to open your eyes and mind to this new sport. A sport where old and young, men and women, healthy people and those less fortunate can all have the same amount of good, clean, safe fun!

Right now we am putting together a list (by area zip code) of golf courses that will allow Air Force Golf play. If you are interested in finding out what courses are excepting AFG play, please check back shortly . If your golf course is willing to allow AFG play, please contact us today to see the benefits to allowing Air Force Golf play. If you are interested in sponsorship offers, please click here.

Its not a secret the golf course industry is falling into bad times over the past few years. The fact of the matter is, as of last year (2006), more golf courses closed than opened.  Allowing Air Force Golf to be played on your courses (and being one of the first courses in your area,) will indeed bring back loyal patrons for many years to come. Also renting or leasing options are available for golf courses looking to offer the Launcher for play. Please contact an Air Force Golf representative today for more details.