.01 QUESTION: Is it Safe?
ANSWER: Yes, the Golf Ball Launcher is safe. It has two safeties on it. One on the trigger and one on the barrel.  It will also be Labatory approved and certified.  (So unless you are an idiot and aim it at a person or object there is no reason why someone will get hurt.)
.02 QUESTION: How far will it go?

ANSWER: On average, the golf ball launcher can go upwards of 300 yards and as little as just a few feet. Obviously, an uphill shot will be less and a downhill shot will go further, all depending on you position.

.03 QUESTION: How short will it go?
ANSWER: Depending on the angle of the barrel and air pressure, just a few feet is possible.
.04 QUESTION: What size ball should I use?

ANSWER: A 1.68" ball (most golf balls on average are 1.68 inches in diameter) is needed for the Golf Ball Launcher. Damaged balls (such as water logged balls) will expand and get stuck in the barrel of the Golf Ball Launcher.

.05 QUESTION: What happens if I get a ball stuck in the barrel?

ANSWER: There are two ways to get the ball out of the barrel.  One way is to fill the launcher with a little air pressure and fire the ball at the ground to release it. The second way is to unscrew the barrel and slide your putter down the barrel tube to knock it out.

.06 QUESTION: Do we need to wear golf shoes?
ANSWER: No, but if you need to wear the funny looking shoes go ahead.
.07 QUESTION: Do we need to wear a glove?
ANSWER: No but if you feel the need to wear one go ahead.
.08 QUESTION: Is the Golf Ball Launcher loud?
ANSWER: No, it uses compressed air, which is environmentally safe and will not cost money like CO2.
.09 QUESTION: How much does it weigh?
ANSWER: The Golf Ball Launcher weighs about ___?___   lbs. It is light enough for most people to use.
.10 QUESTION: Will golf courses let me use it?

ANSWER: We suggest you ask the club pro or manager of the golf course whether they will except this play. Please explain to them about the launcher and direct them to this website if they have any further questions. If they do not allow play, please respect their decision and try a different golf course. Remember, this is the birth of a new sport, so consider yourself a visionary and be patient as this sport will grow as fast as snow boarding grew.

.11 QUESTION: What are advantages for golf courses to let us play?

ANSWER: First, there will be no more divots on the fairways and tees as you can launch a golf ball up to 300 yards. Also speed of play becomes a factor, as golfers will spend less time looking for lost balls and holding up the players behind them.
Secondly, golf courses will bring in more revenue because now young and old, men and women, healthy people and people that are less fortunate, will all have an equal opportunity to enjoy this new revolutionary sport.

Also golf courses can offer the opportunity to rent the Golf Ball Launcher or use it as a per year system, that will allow players to pay a flat fee and get the chance to use the launcher anytime they want to play.

.12 QUESTION: How much air pressure can I put into the launcher?
ANSWER: ___?____ PSI will launch the ball at an average of 300 yards. There also is a safety relief valve that will not allow more pressure to go into the stock than allowed. The relief valve will pop and release any extra air inside the Launcher.
.13 QUESTION: Do we need any golf clubs?
ANSWER: Yes, you will need a putter and you also might like to have a chipper for those short shots, if there are any other golf clubs you find that will help your game bring them along.
.14 QUESTION: How much air should I use?
ANSWER: A brochure will give you a average on air pressure, for instance 10lbs will go thus far, 20lbs will go thus far, 30lbs will go thus far and etc.  Arch and angle means a lot on how far it will go.  We ask you to go to your local driving range and practice and get to know your Golf Ball Launcher and then go out and have a good time on the golf course.
.15 QUESTION: Is there a discount for quantity buying?
ANSWER: Yes, there will be a discount for quantity buying in the near future. Please contact us and we will able to let you know more details in the future. 
.16 QUESTION: Can I start my own Air Force Golf League?
ANSWER: Yes, we encourage you to start your own Air Force League. In the future, we will try to assist anyone who is interested in starting their own league. This new sport is dependent on you to get it off the ground.
.17 QUESTION: Can I put this in my suitcase on a plane?
ANSWER: Yes, I know personal I was picked to be on the Golf Channels new TV show 'Fore Inventors Only.' I had 2 launchers in my suitcase and had no problem going threw the airport.
.18 QUESTION: Is it a challenge?
ANSWER: Yes, this is a new sport, requiring you to use your mind as much as the launcher to determine air pressure and angle of your barrel.  Wind and profile of the course will also come into play.  But most of your balls will go where you want them to go once you learn how to use your Golf Ball Launcher.
.19 QUESTION: Corporate Events?
ANSWER: This is a great way to have fun at a corporate event.  The skill level to play traditional golf is very hard for the average player. With the launcher, everyone will be playing like a professional within 5 to 10 minutes and have fun doing it.
.20 QUESTION: How do I fill air into the launcher?
ANSWER: A 12 volt mini air compressor can be used to fill the launcher with air. Simply use the plus and minus terminals of the battery in the golf cart.  This will run the the 12 volt mini air compressor.  If you want to fill the launcher manually, there is a two stage hand pump available to fill the launcher (The Black Burn Tower 5, a two stage pump, is the one we use to fill the launcher manually.)
.21 QUESTION: Does the Launcher have a Re-Coil to it?
ANSWER: No, the Launcher does not have a re-coil to it. It does not use a powder charge. It uses air, therfore it has no re-coil or kick back at all.