We do not have any professional players due to the fact that this a brand new sport.  So we have come up with a way that everyone can be a professional player for at least the day. 

This is my proposal: We will have a 'Texas Shootout' where 144 players will all donate $1,000.00. The top amount of players who finish the 18th hole will now go to the 19th hole for a "shootout!" A hole that can be reached by the Golf Ball Launcher but far enough to make it a challenge will be the "shootout" hole. Everyone will get one shot at the pin. Whomever gets the closest to the pin will win the grand prize of $100,000.00. Second and Third place finishers will split the rest of the pot minus donations made to the AGA and subsequently disabled veterans.  Once we get enough of these events throughout the country we will have our own 'super bowl-like' event, in which the top three players from each event will play for a million dollar winner take all challenge.

We can see a day, in the near future, where the best Air Force Golf player will challenge a top golf professional to a man against machine match. We see this to be one of most televised golf matches ever watched.  If you have any ideas or would like to someday put a match on in your area please contact us an Air Force Golf representative for more details.