The Air Force Golf Association is an organization we are going to start, similar to the PGA, that uses the air golf launcher as its play, with our foundation proceeds benefiting disabled veterans.  Here is the reason: Ask yourself why you can enjoy a night out for dinner, or why you can enjoy a day at the beach or at an amusement park with your family, or why you can enjoy a day with your buddies fishing, golfing or anything you like to do....The reason why is somebody is protecting you. Somebody is fighting for your freedom, and while they are doing that, it gives us the ability to enjoy the things in life that our soldiers and/or disabled veterans can not.

This is my chance and your chance to repay them in a small way, but it is a start. We want to give every disabled veteran a chance to enjoy a new sport that they can play and be apart of. The foundation's goal is to raise enough money to provide free at no cost, a Golf Ball Launcher to every disabled veteran who wants one. There is no reason why they can't enjoy life the way we do. We owe them this and a lot more!

We are excepting any and all donations to benefit the Disabled Veterans of Foreign War. 100% of all donations sent to the AGA (Air Golf Association) will be given in a gift form to the disabled veterans foundation. Currently, no donations are being excepted at this time. The foundation and the association are in the process of being built. Please contact us for more information regarding donations to the Disabled Veterans of Foreign War.