Here is the story about the Golf Ball Launcher and how it evolved.  In November of 2004, my dad had a stroke leaving him without the use of his right arm and leg.  A few months later, it hit me, that people like my dad who can't swing a golf club, can still have the opportunity to go out with his golf buddies and not hold up the pace of the game up.

I came up with a theory to "launch" a golf ball. My first few attempts had failed but I refused to give up.  I am now proud to say I have a Golf Ball Launcher that will travel from 300 yards to just a few feet.  I also had the honor to be picked to be on the Golf Channels new TV show 'Fore Inventors Only.' 

After being rejected by over forty companies that I contacted to manufacture and produce the Golf Ball Launcher, I said to myself the hell with them I will figure out how I can make it for me. It was not an easy job to do nor was it an inexpensive investment, but I decided I will do it all myself.

So I did some research, development and experimenting with my machine shop to develop a proto-type. After multiple failed attempts, and multiple finished products not up to Air Force Golf standards, we continued on. Finally, with the help of special tooling and designs, and more expenses, we completed development on the ultimate golf invention!

We are proud to say that we are now offering 525 Golf Ball Launchers to the public. The first 25 launchers will be saved for our private collection and the remaining available will be offered to the public and to collectors. All our Golf Ball Launchers will have sequenced serial numbers engraved on the launcher stock.  We will be taking orders for future Golf Ball Launchers, but everyone must understand that it will take some time to get the Golf Ball Launchers out to you because of the extensive work that goes into manufacturing each one.

Thank you for your interest in the Golf Ball Launcher, ...the birth of the next new sport!

"I dedicate the Golf Ball Launcher and Air Force Golf to my dad, Joseph Gerardo. He is my inspiration for this idea. I know he would be proud and smiling knowing that this was going to help people just as he did when he gifted his organs to help others." - Martin Gerardo