Air Force Golf is proud to introduce the Golf Ball Launcher! A device that gives someone who is unable to swing a golf club a chance to enjoy the game of golf. We are not trying to change the game of golf, we are just trying to give everyone an alternative way to play the game. The idea came in late November of 2004 when my dad had a stroke, leaving him without the use of both his right arm and leg. A few months later, it hit me, that people like my dad who are unable to swing a golf club can now still enjoy the greatest game ever played. Now people have the capabilities to go out with their friends to enjoy a round of golf without slowing down the pace of the game.

(Sneak Preview of the soon to be finished Golf Ball Launcher)

This new sport, where old and young, men and women, healthy people and those less fortunate, can now come together and play a sport where your mind is just as powerful as the equipment. The Air Force Golf Ball Launcher is an air pressured device that will allow people to fly a golf ball from up to 300 yards to as little as just a few feet. The advantages to this revolutionary sport are that no clubs are needed (except for a putter), no physical skills are required, and any and everyone can enjoy the newest way to play the game of golf. The only two decisions left are: 1. How much air pressure is needed for this shot and 2. what angle is needed to achieve the maximum distance from the launcher. (which is upwards of 300 yards).

The Golf Ball Launcher is designed to be safe. It has two separate safety features on it plus an air pressure relief valve on it. Currently it is not on the market until all laboratory tests are completed. So safety will not be an issue and everyone can go out and enjoy this new revolutionary sport. Also, Air Force Golf is accepting corporate sponsors for events, products, and special marketing promotions. To find out more information on how to sponsor an event or donate to the Air Golf Association, please visit our sponsors page.

Currently, there are over 16,000 golf courses in the United States and yes not all of them will ever let us play on their courses. However, we do not care, just let us play on a few thousand courses to start and the sport will grow from there. Those will be the courses that will reap the benefits of having players on there course which in turn, will increase revenue and traffic. Another added benefit to the Golf Ball Launcher is there will be no divots created from swinging a club, and a faster paced round of golf.

Air Force Golf has also designed events to assist everyone playing to feel as if they were the professional (even if it's only for a day.) More information is listed under our events section. Please read through and direct any of your questions to As always, your feedback is welcomed and appreciated.

Air Force Golf has also started an Association (the Air Golf Association), similar to the PGA, that uses the Air Golf Launcher as its play, with the foundations proceeds benefiting the Disabled Veterans of Foreign Wars.  Here is the reason: Ask yourself why you can enjoy a night out for dinner, or why you can enjoy a day at the beach or at an amusement park with your family, or why you can enjoy a day with your buddies fishing, golfing or anything you like to do....The reason why is somebody is protecting you. Somebody is fighting for your freedom, and while they are doing that, it gives us the ability to enjoy the things in life that our soldiers and/or disabled veterans can not. So because of this, the Air Golf Association has a goal to provide a free (no cost) launcher to every disabled veterans who would like one. There should be no reason why they can't enjoy a round of golf like everyone else.

I would like to take this time to specially thank all of you for showing an interest in the new Air Force Golf sport. May we all have a lifetime of fun playing it, and enjoying the company of our friends and family.